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Effortless Meditation™ is a mental technique that is an antidote for the stress response, and so much more! During the meditation practice, you experience a deep state of peace and calm that heals the body, rejuvenates the mind, and stabilizes the emotions. It is simple to learn and effortless to do. Everyone is successful with EM™. Learn More

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12 Simple Lifestyle Routines for RESTFUL SLEEP

According to an international team of health experts known as the Global Council on Brain Health, more than half of Americans over 50 report waking up too early and not returning to sleep; and over 40% say they aren’t getting enough sleep. And yet, it’s a myth that adults need less sleep as they age.


Your Cognitive Health: What to Avoid & Steps to Take

Most of us have seen the effect of cognitive decline in a loved one. As a child, I lived with a grandparent who repeated some of his life experiences over and over. The adults in my life said this unusual behavior was due to hardening of the arteries. Today, we see far more serious forms

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"Not only do I now make a more informed recommendation for meditation as an adjunctive therapy for my patients, but Read More


Imagine the satisfaction of really getting away from the routine and pressures of daily life - a real vacation. One that brings you peace of mind while nourishing your body and awakening spirit. Read More