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Effortless Meditation™ is a mental technique that is an antidote for the stress response, and so much more! During the meditation practice, you experience a deep state of peace and calm that heals the body, rejuvenates the mind, and stabilizes the emotions. It is simple to learn and effortless to do. Everyone is successful with EM™. Learn More

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Need to Lighten Up? Here’s how…

Not many would dispute that the pressure and pace of our daily lives is relentless and daunting. Taking care of personal, family, and work responsibilities can be a burden that easily overwhelms us. It’s no wonder that sales of medication for anxiety and depression continue to climb along with the self-medicating use of alcohol, caffeine,


Inner Peace, Health, and a Chair

Imagine you had a chair, and every time you sat in it you’d grow healthier and younger in spirit. Fatigue, anxiety and stress lifted; your blood pressure normalized; you slept better at night; and your relationships miraculously improved. The need for medication diminished, and you lived a longer, more focused, and happier life. This is

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"Not only do I now make a more informed recommendation for meditation as an adjunctive therapy for my patients, but Read More


Imagine the satisfaction of really getting away from the routine and pressures of daily life - a real vacation. One that brings you peace of mind while nourishing your body and awakening spirit. Read More