Steps To Learn Effortless Meditation™

Steps-to-LearnEffortless Meditation™ is easily learned in a series of 7 meetings, 10 total hours that take place over a two month period.

Meeting #1 is a 1.5 hour introduction class. It is held in several locations and by phone or video conference. Attending does not obligate you to take the course.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the introduction class:

  • The benefits – what’s in it for you. We’ll discuss the science and explain why physicians and other professionals recommend it to their clients and patients.
  • Learn how and why it works so effectively for everyone from the very beginning.
  • Learn why it is called “Effortless” Meditation.
  • The meeting format is explained. Following the introduction, you will be ready to take the next step, personal (one-to-one) instruction.

See the Event Calendar for dates of upcoming group introduction classes. Private sessions are also available by appointment to meet your individual needs.

Pre-registration is required for all introduction classes. Please contact us to register or if you have questions.

Meeting #2 – Individual, private training – Learn to practice Effortless Meditation™, receiving one hour of individual instruction. Greg Schweitzer, our principal instructor, has 35+ years’ experience teaching meditation.

Meeting #3 through 7 are small group training sessions – 1.5 hours each. Each group meeting will provide deepening intellectual understanding and include a meditation practice session led by the instructor. This will solidify the effortlessness of your meditation.

Meetings #2 through #5 are ideally held on four consecutive days. The beauty of this format is that in one week, you will have stabilized the practice and recognize that it’s working.  You’ll experience how effortless it is, and feel confident in your ability to do it at home or anyplace you happen to be. To further support you, meeting #6 follows the fifth meeting in two weeks, and meeting #7 is scheduled a month later.

Our instruction is very thorough. Many have said this is the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves. We specialize in helping you develop a daily practice. You will see your confidence grow, knowing that we are committed to your success with Effortless Meditation™.

While the above sequence of classes is ideal, there is flexibility in the schedule. All meetings are held at the convenience of the people learning.

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