Follow Your Passion in 2018

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Follow Your Passion in 2018

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
Rumi (poet)

These powerful words sound simple enough, but what is it that you love? For many, it’s not so obvious and we get stuck in a less than fulfilling life. Sound familiar?

The clock watcher – a life without passion

In the beginning days of my working life, I was a clock watcher. Frequently glancing at the clock to see how much longer till quitting time. I lived for nights and weekends. Work was a necessary evil, something that I did for a paycheck and nothing more.

Wasn’t this the way it was for everyone? It was for most everyone I knew. There was a growing dissatisfaction with my life. Did I struggle through college for this?

For me, life bottomed out a few years after college. I was bored and frustrated with work, and my marriage was difficult. Then, one evening, my young wife of three years died tragically. Any passion in my life was gone.

Transformation – finding your way

Surprisingly, things turned around just one month later when I stumbled into an introductory meditation lecture being given near my home in Reading, PA. The meditation teacher explained that most people lacked a basic element in their life. He called it our true or higher self that we experience at the source of thought. While these were new terms, he ignited a spark of wonder inside me. What if this actually worked like the teacher said?

I took his course and continued to meditate daily. Within a short time, I was experiencing brief moments of bliss and delight every day. It was obvious that meditation was having a good influence. It became a part of my daily personal hygiene – cleaning up the inside of life. Then one evening a teacher hearing me complain about my engineering job, said “you know you could become a teacher of meditation.” That was 40 years ago, his comment was a total game changer because I acted on it.

Nature has a way of pulling us in the direction of our passion and love. Listen. Passion is there for you, and as Rumi states, the strange pull of what you really love will not lead you astray.

Pay attention to what brings you joy, to that which you love and have passion for. Look for ways to include those things in your daily life. Meditation practice, if you choose to do it, will aid you in your quest. And be patient, this is not an instant fix but one that will uplift every day of your life.

Greg Schweitzer
Director, Stress Reduction Resources

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