Marriage and Meditation

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Marriage and Meditation

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by Greg Schweitzer


Marriage is too painful. Will Effortless Meditation help? Jane called one summer morning saying that she wanted to enroll in our Effortless Meditation™ (EM) course. She attended an introduction class a few days earlier, and now after further consideration, she wanted to begin ASAP.

Sadly, she said, “I am very stressed; my marriage is in a bad way. We don’t know what to do; it’s so hard to walk away and yet we can’t go on living like this – it’s very toxic.”

Jane set an appointment to begin EM instruction and the next day she called again to say that her husband also decided to enroll in the course even though he had not attended the introduction. They were desperate for solutions; Jane was hopeful that EM would at least provide some relief for their emotional and psychological pain.

Both Jane and Bill arrived on Saturday to each begin the course with one-hour of private, individual instruction. On each of the next three days, we had a group session, i.e. they met together with me. Within a few days there was a noticeable reduction of tension in their interaction. Jane commented that they had not laughed together like this in a long time. They were hopeful that this would continue however, it almost seemed too easy; how could this meditation practice make such a noticeable positive impact in just a few days?

On the level of conscious everyday life and thinking, we all have so much pressure. Time constraints, financial concerns, social and work responsibilities, the needs of our family – it’s easy to see why we’re overwhelmed a good bit of the time. Life is a juggling skill and the relentless pace of life today adds to the internal pressure we experience. The deep rest that they were experiencing in their meditation was releasing the internal tension. Their increased happiness and lightness were obvious signs that their meditation was working.

I am pleased to say that Jane and Bill followed my suggestion, and made Effortless Meditation a daily practice, a routine. Rather quickly they began feeling more love, appreciation, and respect for each other. They are happier and lighter in their interactions. Things are looking up, and months later they are reporting remarkable progress.

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