Need to Lighten Up? Here’s how…

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Need to Lighten Up? Here’s how…

Not many would dispute that the pressure and pace of our daily lives is relentless and daunting. Taking care of personal, family, and work responsibilities can be a burden that easily overwhelms us. It’s no wonder that sales of medication for anxiety and depression continue to climb along with the self-medicating use of alcohol, caffeine, and recreational drugs.

There must be a better way, you say. All the above “solutions” come with a hefty price over time. Today, more and more are looking for healthier strategies to lighten the load we carry.

Happiness and Peace of Mind: It’s easier than you think

At the depth of our being, aren’t we all searching for happiness and peace of mind? And yet, the path to fulfilling these lofty ideals is fuzzy. So we settle for less, the familiar, medications, food, and items mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog. The good news is that fulfilling of our deeper desires is not difficult.

First, try to get clear about what brings you happiness and peace. After all, we want to invest our limited time and energy wisely. So, what is important to you? For instance, consider which of the following two items resonates more deeply with you; which of these would impact your life the most?

1. A new car
2. Peace of mind

Some go for the car in a heartbeat. Others realize that while a car is needed by most, its joys are fleeting and pale in comparison to having a mind that is calm and happy. However, without a good alternative we keep reaching for the familiar.

The question is where to turn? Life may seem too hard, and yet an antidote for our dilemma is close at hand.

The Grand Canyon and Inner Peace

Have you ever stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona? I had this experience for the first time 10 years ago. As I stood there looking out over the canyon, I was in awe as my mind took in the enormity of this geological wonder. All my concerns about the meeting I was to attend the following week in Phoenix disappeared. My mind was still; I was one, or close to it, with the antiquity of nature that stood before me.

In this quiet calm awareness, I was experiencing the serenity that lies beneath the 50,000 thoughts that we have each day. Fortunately, we don’t have to travel to Arizona’s Grand Canyon or anywhere else to experience the freedom of Unbounded Quiet Awareness. It’s the essence of who we are. It’s inside us, and is available to us when our mind is still.

Now, I realize many say there mind is never still, never quiet. They know that they have way too many anxiety filled thoughts. The good news is there is relief. Your life will be lighter and more joyful when you bring the unbounded peace of the Quiet Mind to your attention every day. For that to happen, I suggest you practice a mental technique, Effortless Meditation™, for 10 – 20 minutes twice a day. It’s easy to learn and effortless to practice.

Some describe meditation as a mini-vacation that they take every day. During EM, you transcend the tensions of your conscious thinking mind. Then, after meditation, some of the freedom and bliss of Unbounded Awareness stays with you. With practice, you’ll find happiness and peace of mind growing in your life. It’s a fool proof strategy to lighten up and enjoy life to its fullest.

In going forward, evaluate what is important to you. Then find healthy life supporting ways to fulfill those needs and desires. Pioneering psychologist Abraham Maslow stated it well when he theorized the hierarchy of human needs. Self-actualization, he said, is the highest level of need, the supreme motivator of our actions. If the quest to enliven your highest or true self resonates with you, Effortless Meditation practice will serve you well.

If you’re interested in knowing more about wellness and the practice of Effortless Meditation™, call me at 610-670-6700.

Greg Schweitzer
Director, Stress Reduction Resources

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