Relief from the Obsessive Mind

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Relief from the Obsessive Mind

by Greg Schweitzer

106aYesterday, I received a contractor’s invoice for a home service that was totally unsatisfactory. They did not provide much of the service that’s advertised and yet they billed me as if they had. The “warrior” in me was agitated and wanted justice. I was determined to right this perceived wrong. Although my attorney was very ready to take action on my behalf, advice I began to feel uncomfortable about his suggested response. Perhaps I was acting hastily, treatment why was I so obsessed with this?

Eckhart Tolle, NY Times best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now, might say that I was caught up in my ego-mind. The ego-monkey-mind, gets pleasure in running the show, justifying its position vs. others and distracting us from what we really want, e.g. joy and peace of mind. I had definitely lost my focus and serenity over this issue.

Does such obsessive thinking ever occur in your life? How often? Certainly, injustices are not fair and ideally can be reversed. However, a balanced mind and approach to life is my goal. Is this contractor issue really that important that it should consume so much of my mental energy and focus?

Fortunately, many years ago I learned how to take the steam out of my obsessive ego-monkey-mind thinking with Effortless Meditation™. Although, as this contractor experience reveals, it’s an on-going process. Obsessive thoughts still sporadically appear, they grab me; however, their roar and impact is far less today. In meditation, I effortlessly return to mental stillness, a state of balance and peace. Through regular daily meditation practice, I’ve experienced a growing internal serenity and freedom that enables me to “let go” of stressors and move on in my life rather than obsessing for long periods over things that I have very little, if any, control!

Injustices, both real and imaginary, are a part of life; however, our responses to them can change for the better. Today, life is good, very good. Don’t sweat the small stuff; and you know, it’s mostly small stuff!


Carolyn Reese

November 16, 2015at 3:16 pm

I get what you are saying, but at some point in life, one needs to stick up for their rights and not be taken advantage of. Where is that point? Spiritual thinking kept me in an unhappy lifestyle for a number of years – then one day I said, “This spirituality sucks.” I went ahead and did what was right for me – and then did find my peace. When do we defend ourselves from abuse and being taken advantage of by others? Was it my meditation practice while going through this bad time in my life that got me to do what was right for “me?”

    Greg S.

    November 16, 2015at 8:00 pm

    Congratulations for moving beyond your abusive lifestyle and relationship, Carolyn. It sounds like you are a strong woman with a big heart who tried their best to make the best of a challenging situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave, in the same way that you would remove yourself from a room in which you could not breathe due to the foul air in the room.

    Apparently you hung in there for many reasons. I’m sure that you learned a lot and that you are now making use of those teachings. Your meditation practice was always working for you. During the days of abuse it was putting you in touch with your higher self, your deeper truth. Your meditation practice was a respite from the abuse. Eventually you found the strength to move on. I wish you the best in your journey forward.

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