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“What a wonderful gift I have given myself in attending your stress reduction workshop. Truly your session has been a life altering experience for me.”

Rita Carsillo-Dieter
Infonxx Human Resources Manager

The impact of stress at home and work is omnipresent causing:workplace-programs

  • Increased medical costs – stress is health enemy #1
  • Lack of sleep, insomnia
  • High blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack and stroke
  • Anxiety, worry, and depression
  • Decreased alertness, memory loss, reduced productivity
  • Increased accidents
  • Low morale, poor attitude
  • Communication problems, poor relationships

How we can help – Workshops & Keynotes:

Everyone knows that excess stress is bad, and yet many feel powerless because we live in a world of chronic stress. Without proper balance, “hurry sickness” takes hold and deteriorates our health, and our home and work life. We teach your people how to recognize the signs of “negative” (yes, there is positive stress) and unhealthy living. As importantly, we teach you how to take charge of your life with healthy lifestyle practices.

Each workshop or keynote speech is filled with helpful insights and take-home self-care tools that will have your group asking for more.

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