Workplace Stress

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Workplace Stress

by Greg Schweitzer

97bInherent in the rapid change of our world and the corporate landscape is an escalating level of stress. In a recent poll, nearly 4 of 5 Americans describe their jobs as stressful, and the vast majority indicates that the level or stress has worsened over the last 10 years.

The impact of stress is omnipresent, causing:

Reduced productivity and creativity
Increased accidents
Unnecessary absenteeism
Low morale, poor attitude
Emotional upset – anxiety, depression, anger
Communication problems
Increased medical costs – stress is health enemy #1!
Did you know that 70 to 90% of health conditions are linked to stress?

Left unchecked, stress is certain to exact a high toll on your business. If you think not, just take a look at your health insurance bills!

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