LIVING A SPIRIT FILLED LIFE: Transcend Your Lower Self

Here’s a metaphor to illustrate our human quest. Have you ever stood under a waterfall? I did this in Hawaii. For the first couple minutes, it was exhilarating however, it quickly became too much. Life is often like that. The project or event we’re working on is initially compelling [...]

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WHO ARE YOU? Effortless Meditation™ provides insight

Let’s go deep. Just follow along, putting yourself in this conversation. Who are you at your core, i.e. who is the one inside who sees, hears, and loves? I’m Sally Jones, you say. I ask, who is Sally Jones? I’m the mother of Samantha Jones, you reply. Is that [...]

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Medication Weary? Try Effortless Meditation™, nature’s pharmacy

Over the past 40 years of teaching meditation, many clients expressed concerns about taking their prescribed medication. They want to take less, or at best, none at all. Can you relate? Fortunately there is good news. People find relief when they begin the practice of Effortless Meditation to access nature’s [...]

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Overwhelmed, Tired, or Anxious? Listen to your heart

In Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, she tells about a turning point in her life. By many measures, she was extremely successful – fame, money, and extraordinary achievement. Then one day, she woke up in a pool of her blood after taking a fall precipitated by overwhelm and exhaustion. In that [...]

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How to Thrive Under Stress: Access Your Higher Self

A physician was recently asked, what’s the #1 behavior contributing to people’s ill health? Not surprisingly she said it was the way in which people deal with the stress in their lives – workplace, family, finances, and health, to name a few. It does seem that everything is vying for [...]

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