Start Here to Find Real Happiness

Deepak Chopra, M.D., author and pioneer in the field of mind body medicine, quotes a study of risk factors for heart disease done by the Massachusetts Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Surprisingly, the #1 risk factor was job dissatisfaction, and #2 was a low sense of personal happiness. Many [...]

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Rx for What Ails Us: Choose Peace

“The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small.” – Mother Teresa There has never been a greater need for peace in the world than right NOW. Mother Teresa was right on. Watch the news or observe conversations and human interactions around you, [...]

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How to Improve Your Love Life

Imagine walking down the street and having only $5.00 in your pocket and not much more in your bank account – tough times. Your best friend, approaches and dejectedly asks if you could give him a couple dollars – he looks distressed. Since it’s a dear friend, you reach into [...]

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7 Tips for a Healthy Winter

Winter presents challenges in the Northeast, and it also has charm. The pace of life slows in the winter. Do you notice and appreciate the stillness brought on with snow? Nature seems to take a deep sigh from the frenzy of the warmer months. As an engineering student in college, [...]

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How to Be Cool Without Trying [Effortless Meditation™]

I’m often asked by new meditators, “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” It’s an excellent question and one that still perplexes me, even after 40+ years of daily meditation experience. I am not alone in my wonder. What is cool? Mehmet Oz, M.D. made an interesting and insightful comment in a [...]

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Fertilizer for Growth: Be Still

When introduced to meditation in 1974, I was skeptical. As an engineer, skepticism came naturally. Yet, the meditation instructor who had just given an introductory lecture was convincing. Do Less, Accomplish More Meditation, he said, was one activity that would enhance every aspect of our lives. In the same way [...]

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Is Your Pitta Raging? – Ayurveda 101

We’re well into the heat of summer, and it’s a good time to take advantage of the wisdom of our ANGER - Woman Yellingancestors. Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of natural medicine, gives us insights that help us deal effectively with most anything that ails you. Summer is Pitta season [...]

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BE Your Best Self

We’re all born geniuses, life degeniuses us. – Buckminster FullerFor most of her life, Mary said she felt like a “human doing.” She was constantly striving for greater satisfaction by doing more. The pace of her life was rapid fire and relentless. Now, recognizing that stress was taking its toll, [...]

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Feeling weary? Come home with Effortless Meditation™

A first year meditation client told me that she had stopped meditating for a few weeks while traveling on vacation. Her comment did not surprise me, however what was surprising to me was my response; I asked her why she started again? “I could never give this up,” she replied. [...]

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How to Find Greater Happiness

Most everyone would like more happiness. As a young man, I like most others looked for happiness HAPPY Womanthrough achievement, and was I disappointed! For starters, graduating from college and getting married brought no lasting satisfaction. Fortunately, in my mid-twenties, I met a wise teacher who told me that there’s [...]

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