What is unconditional happiness? Quite simply, it is happiness that’s not predicated upon any conditions.
Doesn’t everyone want fulfillment, success, and happiness in their life? Sure, you say, “but how can I be happy when my wife just left me, or my best friend moved across the country?”

These are very real and valid concerns! However, if our happiness and peace is dependent upon other people doing what we want them to do or say, we’ve got a big problem! Life is tough enough if our happiness is dependent upon our taking the best course of action or saying the right thing. So, try this.

Relax – Release – Step Back

When life is not going your way, relax and release your inner tension. We all have a reservoir of inner peace, joy, and intelligence inside. Your ego mind, the conscious thinking mind, is turbulent and a troublemaker. Peace exists deep inside not on the surface of the mind.

Raise your level of consciousness by stepping back to get free. Perhaps a metaphor will help to illustrate this point. While vacationing in Hawaii, my wife and I swam in a tropical pool formed by a waterfall. It was paradise. Standing under the falls was enchanting however after a minute or two the full force of the cascading water got a little intense. However, the remedy to the pounding force was to simply step back behind the waterfall. Eureka, there we found a new level of bliss.

Let’s face it, life doesn’t always go the way we’d like – friends move, people get ill, and relationships sometimes sour. However, when these things happen, we can step back just as we can step behind the waterfall to experience serenity. Make this a practice or path and you learn how to take control of your life.

We all have the capacity to choose happiness. However, it is important to realize, this is not a magic bullet. Saying you choose happiness and peace does not mean you will never be challenged again. The path of choosing happiness is a process that you need to commit to and work.

A Helpful Tool – Effortless Meditation™

Fortunately, there’s a powerful tool that will accelerate and stabilize our ability to choose happiness. Learn the mental technique of Effortless Meditation and do it regularly. During meditation, you will cultivate the ability to relax and go beyond the turbulence in your mind. There you will find true serenity. Best of all, your baseline experience of inner peace will grow day by day.

Lasting peace, happiness, and well-being is an inside job. As you face the challenges of daily life, remind yourself that you choose to be happy. Make a commitment to this enlightened path, and it will enhance the quality of your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Greg Schweitzer has been teaching Effortless Meditation for decades. He can be reached at www.StressReductionResources.com.