Do Less & Accomplish More 1

It seems like another lifetime; I was an Industrial Engineer working for a major employer in a large manufacturing facility. My assignment was to analyze workers on the job with the aid of a stopwatch. The aim of this tedious and stressful task was to improve efficiency. Don’t we all yearn to be more productive?

Unfortunately, our struggles often create more, not less anxiety, frustration, and fatigue. Could there be a better way; one that accomplishes more but with minimal effort?

For an answer to this question, all we need do is look to nature – the Sun.

The Sun

First, consider what it accomplishes. The sun sits in the sky at the center of our solar system and does its thing. It literally lights our world, provides heat for our bodies, energy for all plant life. Every human, plant, and animal is totally dependent upon it. Without the sun, we all die. And yet, what does it do? It sits there in the sky radiating energy, being the sun.

Here is what we can we learn from this. There is a better way than the struggle that permeates much of the world’s striving. Be like the sun. Get in touch with your inner nature and be you. Shine, be your best self. It’s easier than you think and the technology to do it has been known for thousands of years.

Meditation – An Ancient Technology for Modern Times

The ancient cultures tell us there is a reservoir of energy and intelligence inside each and every one of us, much like the sun. The best part is we can tap into it every day through meditation. We can access the intelligence of nature!

Within just a few minutes of practice, mental activity becomes less and less. And because our mind and body are intimately connected, as our mind settles down in meditation, our body begins to rest deeply. The healing force in our meditation is deep rest.

After practicing this simple Effortless Meditation™ for 10, 15, or 20 minutes, we open our eyes and engage the day ahead. We now have more energy and clarity of mind plus greater joy, vitality and creativity. The energy we experienced inside during our meditation recharged our batteries. Eureka, all this was accomplished with NO effort on our part.

Herein, lies the fulfillment to a basic need of our time. Accomplishing more without getting lost and overwhelmed by our activity. Meditation practice has been called the cure for Hurry Sickness and so much more.

Does this sound too good to be true? After practicing and teaching Effortless Meditation for over 40 years, I guarantee success. I would be happy to assist you. Free introductions, courses, and support are available.