Do you wake in the morning feeling refreshed and alert, or would you like to stay in bed for another hour or two? Are you excited about the day ahead, brimming with enthusiasm and passion? It’s our birthright to be joyful and alert. If that’s not your experience, you can get there.

Here’s the deal. Our state of being and wellness is dependent upon our internal energy level. If it’s blocked, you may experience fatigue, lethargy, anxiety and depression.

So, what blocks our natural energy flow and what can we do about it? It’s simple to understand. The culprit is that there’s constriction and tension inside us due to stress and trauma. Here’s an illustration, if you crimp a garden hose, you will not get the flow that you need to water your garden. If you don’t fix the hose, your plants will suffer. Like that, chronic stress and trauma have this influence on our nervous system and energy.

Here’s the good news. While this debilitating condition is widely prevalent today, we are not victims of the past or the circumstances of our lives. We can significantly minimize the influence of stress and trauma in our life through simple self-care.

With the start of a new year, we have a perfect opportunity to redirect our focus to bring BALANCE into our lives. Here are some of the basic needs: rest, stress reduction, exercise – movement, a diet of real food, and mindful thought. Relax, smile more.

Where to start?

It’s of paramount importance that we bring peace to our overactive minds. For this, meditation is an essential today. Nothing will bring balance to your life faster and more effortlessly that calming your mind!

Now, you may be thinking that your too busy for this. Well, that’s cool. We all need and want to be productive in our lives. Activity is the basis of achievement, however “over the top” levels of activity for too long are not sustainable. In fact, without balance, we damage our brain and nervous system, not to mention the other systems of the body – the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune…  The outcomes from this style of living are not pretty because the influence of overwhelm and overdoing accumulates over time.

However, with balance in your life, you’ll have more energy, sleep better, and make better decisions. You will also be more creative and effective in your work and home life. People will love you more, and you will have more joy in your heart. When there’s balance in our life, we’re operating on all cylinders, and the quality of our life soars. If this sounds appealing or too good to be true, please join us or look for healthier ways was to live.

I invite you to check out our coaching options – both Wellness and Life Coaching, along with our Effortless Meditation™ course and the new Advanced Meditation Group meetings. Let’s all live a more balanced life in 2020! The world needs it, and we’d love to help.

Greg Schweitzer

Director, Stress Reduction Resources