Rapture:  a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. “She listened with rapture.”

How to Find “Rapture” in Your Daily Life 1

Shortly after learning to meditate in 1974, I watched a videotaped lecture given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He brought Transcendental Meditation® to the West, and I was receptive to his teachings.

One of them, however, confused me. He often quietly said, “The nature of life is bliss.” Well, that was not my experience!

I was 26, and my life was in turmoil – depressed, anxious, and traumatized by the recent death of my young wife. And just a few years earlier, I graduated from college thinking my B.S. degree would solve all my problems.

Nevertheless, now, as a good meditation student, I did my best to follow our teacher’s instructions and meditate twice a day for 15 – 20 minutes in a sitting. We were told that we would experience many benefits and be happier. It sounded promising. What did I have to lose?

Bliss to the Rescue

I’m pleased to say, meditating every day was a game-changer. I never experienced such a deep experience of inner peace before I learned to meditate.

During meditation, I was rested, calm, and alert. There were moments when I wasn’t thinking about anything and yet I was awake, not asleep. And, the best was yet to come in the days ahead.

I was noticeably happier and at ease after just one month of meditation practice. I looked forward to my daily sessions. They seemed to provide me with energy, helping me get through the day, and I was handling stressful situations more effectively.

Smiling and laughter came more easily, plus there were unexpected moments of quiet inner euphoria during the day. In the beginning, I was clueless as to why I felt so good. Could it be due to meditation? Then, I had an ‘aha’ – “This must be bliss!” At that point, I was hooked on the daily practice of meditation.

How to Find Bliss & Rapture: The Voice of Your Soul

Bliss and rapture need not be elusive. Here are some ways to cultivate it. Make a regular practice of any one or more of these that resonate with you:

  • Do healthy activities that make you happy.
  • Be still, pay attention – listen, feel, and tune in.
  • Spend time in nature. Just stepping outside after working on a computer does wonders for the spirits. Better yet, take a short walk.
  • Engage in creative pursuits such as painting, writing, journaling, or playing with a child.
  • Meditate – learn and practice Effortless Meditation™

Perhaps no one in modern times said it better than the mythologist, Joseph Campbell in his 1988 PBS interviews with Bill Moyers. To have a fulfilling life, he said “Follow your bliss.” Pay attention to the voice of your soul.

One of my meditation clients described his Effortless Meditation practice as taking a mini vacation every day. Spend a little time each day doing it and spontaneously your mental, physical, and emotional health and sense of well-being will improve far beyond what you thought was possible.

Life was not meant to be a struggle.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help you. I am a wellness coach and have practiced and taught meditation for over 40 years.

Greg Schweitzer

Stress Reduction Resources, Director