Here’s a metaphor to illustrate our human quest. Have you ever stood under a waterfall? I did this in Hawaii. For the first couple minutes, it was exhilarating however, it quickly became too much. Life is often like that. The project or event we’re working on is initially compelling and then overwhelm sets in. Do not despair, here’s a remedy.

The waterfall represents the daily cascading thoughts of our conscious mind. Without the balance of being able to step back, we get lost in the incessant chatter of our mind. We begin to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, ADD, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure… Then one day, a wise one enters our life and tells us there’s another way to live.

They say it’s simple. Just move behind the waterfall. And guess what? When you step back, you discover, as I did, there’s serenity and charm.

This is your Higher Self, the Silent Observer or Spirit. This quiet mind is the experience you culture during the practice of Effortless Meditation™. Your Higher Self is beyond or transcendental to all the activity of your mind. It is the silence beyond your thoughts.

As we contact this stillness in our daily meditation practice, we begin to identify more and more with peace and love in our life. And how do we know this is happening? Here are signs: You used to feel anxiety and tension throughout your day, and now you feel love and bliss for no reason. You feel good just being you.

You don’t have to try to feel that way. That is how our Spirit feels. Wouldn’t you like to cultivate this higher experience of life every day? We can have a spirit filled life. Well-being is our birthright. Meditation anyone? Please join me.

Greg Schweitzer

Director, Stress Reduction Resources

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