Be the peace that you wish to see in the world.

Martin Luther King Jr.


Is there anyone in your life that challenges your serenity? You might call them troublemakers. Of course, we all have such people and situations.

The question is what do we do about it? The approach that many take, whether consciously or unconsciously, is to hold onto their resentment and anger, perhaps for years, even a lifetime. A big problem is that this approach hardens our hearts, robbing us of joy and serenity. 

Furthermore, chronic anger and animosity breed a host of diseases, not to mention more unhappiness and discord. Prestigious health organizations tell us that 70 – 90% of conditions treated by primary care physicians are linked to stress. As for discord, did you know there’s a statement in the UN Charter that says, “War begins in the Mind?” 

Troublemakers – Send them love…

Louise Hay, the metaphysical teacher, best-selling author, and founder of Hay House Inc., often suggested we send our troublemakers love. So, the next time you catch yourself replaying negative internal messages of despair and anger over the actions of others, try sending them love. And better yet, make it a practice.

We do not have to love what they’ve done.  Their actions may have really hurt.  Do you, however, want to hold onto the hurt and anger, or do you wish to cultivate healing and move beyond it? There’s an old saying, what we put our attention on grows. 

Sending them kindness and love puts forth positive transformational energy.  We all have the power to bring light and love to our world through our compassionate thoughts and intentions. If you make this a regular practice, I’m sure you will notice the impact on the quality of your relationships and your life as a whole.