You may have heard that Wayne Dyer had a heart attack and passed away during the night on Saturday. I have been grieving since the news was released by his family. This man has been a source of inspiration to me since we met over 20 years ago when he enrolled in my meditation classes.

That first encounter was at the Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Center in Lancaster, MA. Deepak Chopra, M.D. was the clinical director of the center, and I directed guest services and taught meditation courses to the “guests” who wished to learn.

Wayne was a good friend of Deepak’s, and he was eager to participate in the meditation course. The year was 1992; and I became his teacher. Over the next week of daily meetings and conversations, I grew close to the man who, before this, I only admired from afar. For a teacher, this was as good as it gets!

Wayne was a most gracious and playful guest. I recall fondly polling the center’s staff for ice skates so that he could enjoy the frozen pond on our property. Wayne knew that ice skating was bending the rules for guests of the healing center, but anyone who knew Wayne Dyer understood how he felt about such rules. He later smiled and told me the skating was terrific.

Wayne was also generous, freely sharing his gifts and talents while acknowledging others for their contributions. On occasions when I attended conferences where he delivered keynotes and programs, he told audiences that I was his first meditation teacher. When he learned of my interest in writing, he warmly offered his endorsement and assistance in getting my book published. Wayne was easy to love.

Despite his age and health challenges, Wayne was a tireless promoter of living life with high levels of consciousness. He loved meditation and always encouraged everyone to take up the practice. For over 40 years, Wayne taught us how to be happy and fulfilled. Many refer to him as the Father of Motivation. Anyone who has benefited from any of Wayne’s writings or talks will enjoy reading his last book, a memoir, published by Hay House in 2014, I Can See Clearly Now. It may be the best of his 40+ books.

Wayne will be deeply missed. Of some comfort to those left behind is a statement released by his family. Wayne always said that he couldn’t wait for his next adventure to begin, and he had no fear of death.

Fortunately for all, you can be sure that Wayne Dyer is now on the other side loving us, and enjoying himself immensely. I feel blessed to have known him.

Greg Schweitzer

“At every moment, you can be a host to God or a hostage to your ego.”– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer