Let’s go deep. Just follow along, putting yourself in this conversation. Who are you at your core, i.e. who is the one inside who sees, hears, and loves?

I’m Sally Jones, you say. I ask, who is Sally Jones? I’m the mother of Samantha Jones, you reply. Is that who you are? Did you exist before Samantha came into the world? Of course you did, so that must not be who you are at your core.

This illustrates that at the most basic levels, our identity is muddled. There’s a relentless stream of thoughts and labels swirling around inside our easily distracted minds. In the busyness of our daily lives, it’s not surprising that we become bewildered.

Has your life ever seemed like a drama, a movie? It’s as if there’s a cast of characters in our brain, playing with our emotions. You’re a banker, a mother, a daughter, and a runner. And each identity has a story to tell that plays out in our mind.

Now, going back to the movie analogy, think of the roles that we play in our lives as the characters on the screen. If it’s a compelling movie, each character transports us into their story. In other words, we get enmeshed and often lose ourselves while watching. In the movie, we laugh, cry, become angry or anxious. The characters and story on the screen have, momentarily at least, taken over our lives.

You may be thinking that you enjoy getting lost in a movie – it’s recreation. And I completely agree, however the key to a healthy life is balance. Getting swept up and losing ourselves in a two-hour movie is entertainment.  However, being lost and overwhelmed daily by the thoughts and emotions playing out in your mind has serious consequences. That’s why a stable foundation is vital.

So where’s this going?

A Foundation – the Solution

Doesn’t everyone yearn for stability in their lives; we all feel better when we have  a sense of direction, meaning and purpose. No one enjoys being at the mercy of the dizzying array of daily stressors that hijack our conscious thinking mind.

So, here’s a solution. To restore balance and control in dealing with the thoughts and emotions of our lives, we need a stable foundation. Without a foundation, for example, a beautiful home can collapse in a mighty storm. For you and me, a settled calm mind is arguably our best foundation. Because without it, we’re like a leaf blowing in the wind, or a ship without a rudder.

But my mind is never quiet, never calm, you say. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is good news. Your mind can be stable, and is already stable at its core. What we all need to do is nurture and strengthen our mental core, our foundation. This will bring that inner calm that we all desire. Fortunately, doing this is simple because we have an important tool – meditation.

The Silent Witness, Our Higher Self

Effortless Meditation is a style of meditation that enables us to experience the mind relaxed and still, yet fully aware without thoughts. This calm restful awareness is often referred to as the Silent Witness. The Witness is the one who sees and hears. It’s our true or higher self, our foundation, the quiet peace that lies beneath our thoughts. And, here’s some really good news.

When our meditation is over, the inner stillness remains. Quite frankly, the results of the practice of this effortless mental technique are magical. One client, a physician, refers to this it simply as, “the cure for hurry sickness.” Imagine the benefit of inner stability and peace, and a mind that recovers quickly from turbulent thoughts and emotions.

With one or two daily short practice sessions, you’ll think more clearly and make better choices. You’ll also have more energy, and be your best self again.

At your core, your potential is limitless. If you’ve never meditated deeply and effortlessly, check out our website for courses and support. For everyone else, let’s go sit and meditate.

Greg Schweitzer

Director, Stress Reduction Resources