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During his 40 years as an instructor of meditation, Greg Schweitzer has introduced thousands to the benefits of the practice. His passion for teaching is driven by the changes that he’s seen in his life and in the lives of those who attend his classes. His client list includes people from all backgrounds: students, employees, executives, retirees, organizations of all sizes, physician-referred patients, and celebrities such as George Harrison of the Beatles and best-selling author and speaker, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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Wellness Coaching

We can help you become and stay healthier.

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Effortless Meditation™

A self-care tool to enhance the rest of your life.

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Speaker Presentations

Stress is omnipresent. Our experts have insights and self-care solutions to share with your group.

How We Can Help

Reduce Stress

EM is an antidote for stress.

Reduce Anxiety & Worry

EM brings peace to the mind.

Improve Sleep

Stress excites the mind; EM calms the mind.

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Increase Energy

EM provides rest that’s deeper than sleep.

Gain Mental Clarity

Brain fog melts away with EM.

Experience Inner Peace

EM soothes your mind, restoring balance.

Client Experiences

“Every time I see a patient stressed to the max and hormonally, nutritionally challenged, after I do my magic, I ALWAYS advise that they take Greg’s meditation course, and practice. It exponentially impacts on their healing.”
Helene B. Leonetti, M.D., Gynecologist
“Stress Reduction Resources worked with my IT team on “stress reduction training utilizing Effortless Meditation”, it was a complete success. It was well worth the investment, both in time and money.”
Don Gould Director IT, Godiva Chocolatier

“What a wonderful gift I have given myself in attending your stress reduction workshop. Truly your session has been a life altering experience for me.”

Rita Carsillo-Dieter, Human Resources Manager, Infonxx
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Welcome to the New You

Transcend the stresses and anxieties of life now. Enlighten your mind and discover a new healthier you with Effortless Meditation™. Start with a free introduction class today!

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