Effortless Meditation™ is easily learned in a series of 7 meetings, 10 total hours that take place over a two month period.

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Meeting #1 – The Free Introduction is a 1.5 hour session.

It is held in several locations, or on site for a group/organization, also online in a video conference. Attending does not obligate you to take the course.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the introduction class:

  • The benefits – what’s in it for you. We’ll explain how it reduces stress and anxiety, proves brain health and more.
  • The science – you will find out why  EM is recommended by physicians and other professionals.
  • The meeting format is explained.

A brief private interview/discussion with the EM teacher proceeds the next step.

The EM™ course – 6 sessions after the intro class.

EM is easy to learn, effortless to do, and provides a lifetime of benefits.

Meeting #2 – Personal (one-on-one) instruction (1 hour).

Completely private instruction with our instructor who has 40 years of teaching experience.

Meeting #3, #4, and # 5 – Small group sessions, 90 minutes each.

In just the first week, you will experience how effortless and effective this practice is. You will also see it working in your life, and recognize that you can do this anywhere.

Meeting #6 and #7 – follows Meeting #5 by two weeks and one-month.

Both of these 90 minute sessions refine and reinforce the EM practice.

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Our instruction is thorough and enjoyable. You will see your confidence grow with each session. Effortless Meditation works for everyone. We are committed to your success.

All meetings are scheduled at the convenience of the those learning.

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