Tips to reduce holiday stress

The holidays are here and for many of us it is a time of celebration and stress. For example, my deceased, loving parents treasured the holidays. I was their only child, and they showered me with my first tastes of Christmas magic. My mom lived a long, full life and [...]

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Do you yearn for peace?

The world community was shattered again, in a big way, by tragic acts of violence in Europe and around the globe. Fear and sadness abounds and the voice inside us wants to understand. We yearn for peace. Yesterday, I listened to analysts talking about terrorist groups and some of the [...]

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The passing of a hero – Dr. Wayne Dyer

You may have heard that Wayne Dyer had a heart attack and passed away during the night on Saturday. I have been grieving since the news was released by his family. This man has been a source of inspiration to me since we met over 20 years ago when he [...]

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Workplace Stress

Inherent in the rapid change of our world and the corporate landscape is an escalating level of stress. In a recent poll, nearly 4 of 5 Americans describe their jobs as stressful, and the vast majority indicates that the level or stress has worsened over the last 10 years. The [...]

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Relief from the Obsessive Mind

Yesterday, I received a contractor’s invoice for a home service that was totally unsatisfactory. They did not provide much of the service that’s advertised and yet they billed me as if they had. The “warrior” in me was agitated and wanted justice. I was determined to right this perceived wrong. [...]

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Send Them Love!

Is there anyone in your life that challenges your serenity? Of course, we all have such people and situations. The question is what to do about it? Holding resentment and anger hardens our hearts, taking the joy and serenity from our lives. You may have heard the saying that if [...]

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