Few would dispute that we live in a turbulent crazy time. Here’s a suggestion, try to make a practice of implementing one or two of these approaches daily for a month. Then evaluate its impact. Who knows, you might like to add more.

7 Tips to Live Longer & Happier 1
  1. Remember to breathe – Under stress, our muscles tighten, and we have an automatic tendency to hold our breath.  When you realize that you are tense, be mindful of your breath. Then consciously breathe in and out. It will help you relax. Practice this throughout the day and notice its impact.
  2. Take a mental health break – If you’ve been sitting at your computer for longer than 45 minutes, research shows that you have lost some of your effectiveness.  Take a break, if only for 5 minutes, and come back more focused and relaxed. Five minutes every hour proved to be more effective than twenty minutes every 3 hours.

3. Step outside, and go for a walk – Spending time in nature is healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  All the better if the sun is shining; we get most of our Vitamin D from it!

4. Remember the big 3 of Self-CareRest, exercise, and nutrition.  The importance of exercise and nutrition gets lots of media attention, while rest is not nearly so popular in the press.  And yet, rest is arguably the most important!  That’s why good sleep is a key ingredient of good health.  
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5. Laugh more, it’s great medicine – You haven’t been taking yourself too seriously, have you?  Well, lighten up!  Norman Cousins attributed his healing from severe pain and a life-threatening collagen disease to laughter. He watched old Marx Brothers movies and Candid Camera reruns for hours on end.

6. Have an attitude of gratitude – Spend 5 minutes each day writing down or mentally recalling people, places, or things that you are grateful for.  Gratitude nurtures our emotions and helps us relax.

7. Find a healthy social networkSurround yourself with people who practice healthy habits.