The inspiration for this blog comes from a minimalist, author Joshua Becker. While we all have habits that we all live by, these three are my essentials. By doing them, everything else seems to flow more easily.

My 3 Essential Habits for Living Well 1

Habit #1 – Meditation and quiet time

After waking up and taking care of personal hygiene, meditation is the first important thing I do. These two feed our higher selves and heart while calming our minds. They bring balance to the day and mental clarity and energy for the activity that lies ahead. 

I recall the Human Resource director at one of my large corporate clients saying the Effortless Meditation programs I taught were good for his company. He said people are more alert, they are more productive after meditating. 

This habit is an antidote for health enemy #1, stress! Did you know 70 – 90% of conditions treated by primary care physicians are linked to stress? I’m convinced Blaise Pascal, the 17th-century French scientist, and philosopher, was correct when he said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from being unable to sit quietly in a room alone.”

After learning to meditate and practicing it daily, my interest in habits # 2 and # 3 spontaneously arose. I wanted to be my best every day.

Habit #2 – Exercise

While our higher self, heart, and mind are foundational to life itself, we live in a physical body. It is our home and must be given its due. Our bodies need exercise. 

It relieves stress, strengthens our muscles, builds balance, and increases the stamina and energy we need to excel in the activity of the day.

I always suggest you look for exercises that you enjoy. If you feel good doing it, the odds that you will continue the practice are much greater than if you force yourself to exercise.

I walk a minimum of 30 minutes every day and do 20 – 30 minutes of gentle yoga on most days. They both put a smile on my face.

Habit #3 – Healthy Food & Eating Well

The food we eat is fuel for our bodies. It is essential for life, and yet it is so easy to minimize the importance of eating nutrient-dense food. Unfortunately, highly sweetened, and highly processed foods make up the lion’s share of grocery store shelves. 

Consider this, if you drive a car with a high-performance engine, do you fill the gas tank with low-octane fuel? Of course not. Well, consider how important the performance of your body and brain is. Do they deserve high-quality fuel? If you’re looking for an excellent book on this subject, try Michael Pollan’s, In Defense of Food: An Eaters Manifesto. 

And did you know that how you eat and when you eat is said to be as important as what you eat? It’s always best to eat in a calm settled environment – not driving your car or eating at your computer. 

Take it One Day at a Time

A friend once said he adopts bad habits much more easily than good ones! So, if good habits seem out of reach, start from where you are and take small steps. Pick something that is workable now, like going for a walk after dinner or just sitting quietly in nature if that’s possible.

For me, my healthy habits got a jump start when I learned to meditate. I felt so good, I wanted to evaluate the impact by doing it every day. Next came my interest in improving my diet. I was meeting people who were eating foods that were new to me. I slowly began to take an interest in nutrition.

Being consistent with an exercise program took more time, however, the benefits are profound and easy. 

I have other helpful lifestyle habits and routines as I’m sure you do. However, by doing these 3 essential ones every day, I find the others fall in line much more easily.

I wish you well and welcome any questions or comments.