Embrace Winter: Align with Nature –

Embrace Winter: Align with Nature 1

Winter is a perfect time for rest and rejuvenation. Look around, nature slows down during this season. Now, I realize that none of us humans can go into hibernation for the winter. For us, active life goes on.  

Every second information enters and floods our CPU/brain. Yes, our brains are like computers. So much vies for our attention – work, family, friends, a myriad of social media posts, financial obligations, health concerns, and local, national, and world news. The list is endless. It’s easy to see how YOU, the higher self, get lost in there. 

Many give up on finding balance in their busy lives. Keeping our heads above water is not easy. However, consider this. What if you could step back and be free of all the concerns and pressures mentioned here? It would be a sheer delight! Does it sound too good to be true?

Align with Nature: Stress Less, Play More

It’s not only possible to live in such a world, but also our birthright to be happy and grateful for life’s gifts. Here’s an example of it. Two weeks ago, my six-year-old great-grandson excitedly told me he loves our house while playing with his brothers and cousins in our backyard. When I asked him why; beaming ear to ear, he said everything is so green. For him, adventure and euphoria abound outdoors.

Once the overwhelm in the busy mind drops away, you too might notice that Nature’s beauty and intelligence are spectacular, and that life is good. The seasons generally come and go right on time. Like clockwork, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day, while providing energy upon which all life depends. 

Nature does all this and so much more, and we humans are the beneficiaries. Life is a gift. Can you imagine the stress we’d have if we had to manage what nature does effortlessly?

So, here’s a suggestion, ditch the stress. Lighten up and play more. Align yourself with the intelligence of nature. Relax, start from where you are right now. Embrace the winter season. Slow down, and ideally, find some way to exercise that brings you joy. (I love walking outdoors.)  

When I was 21 years old, I fell in love with snow skiing on my first day on the slopes. Trying to navigate down the mountains of snow took me back to the wonderful times I had as a kid playing in the snow every winter.

As adults, it seems most of us grumble about the cold weather and snow. Skiing, however, helped me lighten up and rekindle the innocent bliss of my youth. 

Go Deep, There’s Something Missing

Five years later, during a particularly stressful time in my life, a close friend invited me to accompany him to an introductory talk about meditation. I knew little about meditation, so I decided to investigate it. 

The meditation instructor started his presentation by telling us that there is something missing in most people’s lives. Then, came the surprise – he said the missing element isn’t out there in the world. It’s not a bigger house, a new car, a fulfilling relationship, or more money. What’s missing, he said, is inside us! By culturing our inner life with meditation, the instructor said every aspect of our life will thrive. 

I took a leap and enrolled in the meditation course, and then began to meditate daily. Very soon after starting the practice, I was happier and had more energy throughout the day. I looked forward to my meditation sessions. This was personal hygiene at its best.

Two years later, I left my Industrial Engineering career to dive deep into the practice and study of meditation and become a teacher. In the many years since then, I delight in passing on this transformative life-enhancing practice to those who enroll in my courses. How cool is that? Life is meant to enjoy, good deep!

Greg Schweitzer

Stress Reduction Resources, Director