It’s All About VIBRATION, How’s Yours? 1

It’s All About VIBRATION, How’s Yours?

We are all influenced by vibration. Sound is vibration. Some sounds/vibrations relax and soothe our souls, while others irritate us! I am sure you’ve noticed.

Quantum Physics tells us that all atoms are in constant motion or vibration. Everything, physical matter, and spiritual energy vibrate. For example, our hearts beat, giving off different vibrations (vibes) depending upon our emotional and mental state. These vibrations influence other humans, the earth, everything!

Stress – excites the brain, and changes its vibration

According to leading endocrinologists and neurologists, our brain’s CEO, the prefrontal cortex, goes offline under high stress, and we revert to making decisions based on our emotions, not truth. When you are overtired or under intense mental or physical stress, you tend toward rigid thinking, worry, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. The good news is that this scary situation is reversible.


We have the power to align with our heart center when our mind is running scared. At its core, the heart always tries to unite us, whereas the mind is dominated by the psyche and the EGO. Our ego struggles with FEAR, trying to keep us safe, and in doing so, it separates us. We tense up and behave irrationally as the fight or flight mode (stress response) kicks in.

The solution lies in the balance of heart and mind. Relax and release your tension and learn to act from your higher more evolved self. This is the one who vibrates in harmony with nature.


• Spend time in nature and lighten up.
• Listen to soothing music, sounds
• Learn and practice Meditation – daily
It settles the mind and leads us to peace, pure Unbounded Awareness. Deep rest is medicine for your turbulent mind. With repeated meditation practice, we develop and stabilize a connection with our Higher Self, high vibration.
• Surround yourself with positive, happy, kind, and loving influences.
Our environment directly influences our vibrational frequency. In the same way, we affect our environment. Be the change you wish to experience in the world.
• Eat slowly, mindfully with awareness
• Move: Get regular, light to moderate exercise
My two favorite forms of exercise are walking and yoga. If you enjoy your exercise, you are much more likely to do it!
• Recharge daily with adequate restful sleep
• Learn to eat healthy food
• Keep a daily gratitude journal


Your healthy LIFESTYLE is key to creating the vibration you wish to emit and be immersed in throughout the day. Although it may sound intimidating, it’s easy. Developing a higher vibration is about progress, not perfection. Start from where you are and take it one day at a time.

I’ve been teaching Effortless Meditation for 45 years; recently a colleague told me that she was a very busy single mom when she learned to meditate. She knew changes had to be made in the quality of her life, her well-being, and that of her family. So, she committed herself to meditating for 5 minutes every day!

Then, with a big smile, she said by the end of the first year she was sitting for 15 – 20 minutes in each meditation. Her life improved in ways that she never could have imagined before starting her meditation program.

These benefits come effortlessly as our vibration refines. Be well and enjoy life.

Greg Schweitzer
Stress Reduction Resources, Director