Winter presents challenges in the Northeast, and it also has charm. The pace of life slows in the winter. Do you notice and appreciate the stillness brought on with snow? Nature seems to take a deep sigh from the frenzy of the warmer months.

As an engineering student in college, I learned that cold creates order and contracts while heat expands and excites. Just compare the crystalline nature of a snowflake or an ice cube to a pot of boiling water – you get the picture.

Align yourself with the forces of nature

So, get in step with the season. Winter is an excellent time to slow down a bit to bring order and balance to your life. Add some quiet time to your day; even a few minutes or several conscious breaths will have an impact. You may enjoy the influence of quiet so much that you will make it part of your daily routine. (For those meditating regularly, the value of this inner stillness is quite apparent to you.)

Here are additional steps that you can take to enhance your health and enjoyment this winter. These recommendations are time tested; they come to us from ancient Ayurvedic health care.

  • Regular schedules and routines are helpful during any season, however they are particularly valuable during the winter.
  • Favor warm, heavier foods in the blustery cold winter months.
  • Stay hydrated, if you’re feeling thirsty, pay attention and drink. Just a few sips of room temperature water will often be enough.
  • Reduce your intake of dry foods & dry snacks in winter months.
  • Minimize cold drinks especially ice cold ones.
  • Keep your head and neck covered while outdoors.

If these sound like common sense suggestions, great. Your natural instincts are right on. Now, take action on them and you’ll have a healthier, more joy filled winter.

Greg Schweitzer
Director, Stress Reduction Resources