Imagine walking down the street and having only $5.00 in your pocket and not much more in your bank account – tough times. Your best friend, approaches and dejectedly asks if you could give him a couple dollars – he looks distressed. Since it’s a dear friend, you reach into your wallet and give him $2.00, however you feel strained because your resources were significantly depleted.

Now, what if you were a millionaire and the same scenario played out. A close friend begs you for a few dollars. How would you respond this time? You’d be delighted to help. The difference in your response to your friend’s plea for help has nothing to do with their request. Your reaction has everything to do with what you have available to give.

When I’m tired or stressed out, it influences the way I to respond to everyone including those I love. The bottom line is that to improve our love life, we need to take care of ourselves in the most fundamental ways. We must have something to give. We need adequate rest; we need energy to handle the demands that come our way.

Those of you who regularly practice Effortless Meditation™ (EM) find there is more love in your heart and in your life after you incorporated meditation into your daily life. With each meditation, you culture tender qualities of both heart and mind. You have more to give, more love, energy, and happiness. Relationships spontaneously improve without trying to make them better.

Continuing to meditate, ideally twice each day for 15 to 20 minutes, you begin to feel so good inside that your joy and happiness bubbles out. As an example a new client commented, after meditating just a few days, that during a meditation he almost laughed. There was no apparent reason – he was not recalling a humorous incident. He was just sitting alone in a room meditating with his eyes closed and feeling so good that he chuckled.

Herein lies a key to improving your love life. Meditate daily to reduce the stress in your life and to tap into and release the unlimited love, light, and compassion inside you. With this abundance of love available, you will be like the millionaire who was thrilled to help his friend in a time of distress. Life is gratifying when your heart is filled with love. Follow the simple suggestions presented here and you can have such a life.

Greg Schweitzer
Stress Reduction Resources, Director