Life today

Most of us are busy. Do your eyes glaze over when you look at your calendar or open your email inbox?

Many say they long lost the ability to relax or to get a good night’s sleep. Their mind’s never rest. This is a serious problem with consequences that are familiar to most everyone – especially as they age. More than ever, we need a remedy for this dilemma. So, where do we start?

The Voice in your head

Consider this, the disturbance in our mind doesn’t only come from our “external” environment – work and family pressures. Much of our distress, is created in our own mind by the voice in our head! 

That’s right, it is an inside job. We all have a voice, a troublemaker, inside our heads, analyzing and critiquing every aspect of our day. A friend once called the voice, the critics committee. And take notice, does this voice ever take a break from its chatter? Hardly, it drives us crazy. 

Now, if you are thinking “I don’t have a voice inside my head” that’s exactly the voice we are talking about. However, do not despair.  You are not the voice; you are the one listening to the voice. That means, you can take corrective action.

An Antidote

For me, a breakthrough shift in the quality of my life occurred years ago when I enrolled in a meditation course and started a daily practice. As instructed, I sat to meditate for 15 or 20 minutes before and after work. In the very first month, I was handling the turmoil of the day better. The nagging voice in my head was much less disruptive. 

My growing level of ease and contentment was obvious. I also had more energy, and enthusiasm for most of the things I was doing.

This was a pleasant surprise. Meditation practice, we were told, develops more of our mind’s potential. What I didn’t expect was the level of joy and internal comfort that would come once I made meditation a part of my daily routine. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a voice inside my head. We all have one, but regular meditation practice introduces it to periods of deep healing rest. Consequently, the voice in our head becomes kinder and less troubling. And in those times when it is up to its old tricks, I (the adult) more easily relaxes and regains control.

A Lifestyle Rx

Adding one or two meditations to our day creates a multitude of enhancements to our lives. Most everyone who meditates notices that after starting meditation practice they are happier, and healthier, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Meditation practice is food for the soul. It builds a foundation for a vibrant successful life. Once the practice becomes part of a daily routine for six months or more, most never go back to their old less satisfying lifestyle. 

Greg Schweitzer, D.Ay., MBA

Director, Stress Reduction Resources