A recent article in the Washington Post declared mental health professionals are overwhelmed by the demand for their services. First, the pandemic caused two years of collective trauma, and now there’s another heartbreaking war. 

Aren’t we all struggling to make sense of the world in which we live? It’s no wonder anxiety, fear, and depression abound. No one is immune to the unpredictable external forces that shape our world and lives. Of course, this begs the question, what can we do?

The Spiritual Journey – Healthy Self-care 

Michael Singer nailed it in his #1 NY Times Best Seller, the Untethered Soul. He said the spiritual journey is one of constant transformation. We must give up the struggle to remain the same. So how does this apply to the concerns mentioned here?

Singer states that “real transformation begins when we embrace our problems as agents for growth.” Our problems are big and real, and here’s the opportunity for growth. While there’s little that most of us can do to directly influence world leaders and global health concerns, we each can go within ourselves to create essential lasting change!

To successfully face debilitating stressors in our outer world, internally we must be strong and resilient.  The need to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles has never been greater. You can start by implementing one or ideally all these self-care practices: 

  • Move your body, exercise
  • Reduce stress, calm your mind with meditation
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat more nutrient-dense food, less highly processed junk
  • Treat yourself and others with compassion

Create Peace

We all can radiate peace, joy, and love in the world. However, that is possible only if these qualities already exist inside us. By nurturing yourself with healthy lifestyle practices such as those mentioned here, we will smile more and spontaneously exude peace.

There is a statement in the UN Charter that says the war begins in the mind. The good news is that the opposite is also true. Peace also begins in the mind and heart. Fortunately, we have the power to create a foundation for a healthy body, a calm clear mind, and a heart that overflows with love and compassion. Follow the steps outlined here and you will be on your way.

For those who’d like to discuss the mechanics of how to meditate effortlessly, I would welcome a conversation with you. This practice is simple, yet it is an extremely effective technique to bring peace and happiness to our life and our world. To check it out, give me a call or visit our website. Free introduction classes are available.

Greg Schweitzer